Law Enforcement to Prosecutor Information Exchange Portal

Introducing MatrixCrime, an intuitive web portal integrated to MatrixProsecutor and sold as a standalone solution. Prosecutors implement MatrixCrime and then provide access to their law enforcement agencies. Law enforcement agencies can then easily assemble charge packages, track their contents and upload them to the prosecutor.

Simplify and accelerate the submission of cases and supplemental information

– including incident reports, witness statements, and 911 recordings. Even police videos can be easily uploaded or assembled online and then sent to the prosecutor.

Universal Incident Report.

The system provides a common incident report form, so incident reports from all of the law enforcement agencies have common content, look and feel.

Content confirmation.

Charge packet contents are checked to confirm all items are included and any missing items are identified.

Audit trail and status tracking.

Case status and notification on the progress of a case can be tracked through the site.

Stand alone or integrated.

MatrixCrime can function as a standalone web-based portal for law enforcement agencies, or integrated to an agency RMS.

Matrix Crime Features

  • Standalone or integrated to agency RMS
  • Universal incident report
  • Content checklist
  • Audit trail
  • Status tracking
  • Supports Department of Justice information exchange standards
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