A complete web-based case management system with data, documents & workflow. Everything investigators need, strategically organized in one place.

MatrixInvestigator Benefits

Case Party Information Storage

Save time by instantly accessing, editing or entering party information.

Evidence & Property Tracking

Assure secure and proper handling of all property and evidence.

Built-in Document Editor

Create investigative reports instantly from any place, at any time, and save editing for later.

Integrated File Management System

Never lose a file! All supporting documentation stays securely attached to its investigation.

Digital Packaging System for Document Sharing

Deliver files that are grouped and bates stamped.

Calendar, Notes and Tasks Integrated into Your Case Along with Your Personal View

Stay ahead of deadlines with the ability to view and prioritize your day within the context of your investigations.

Customizable Notifications Delivered Via Email, Pop-ups or within the Application

Control how and when you receive alerts to maximize productivity.

Built-in Reports & Data Analysis

Analyze data across cases. Evaluate statistics and identify trends.

Comprehensive Workflow for Managing Approval Throughout the Investigation Process

Facilitate quality assurance and policy compliance without compromising efficiency.

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