The proficiency of the entire justice community transformed through Matrix innovation.

Our integrated system streamlines the justice process allowing our clients to operate at optimum efficiency and effectiveness.



The power behind the Matrix platform is the ability to integrate law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, courts and defense attorneys into one comprehensive system.

Our software provides streamlined solutions that connect the entire justice community with the information it needs to automate smart workflow and quick legal processes all while reducing office errors and waste.

The Matrix Suite of applications and web solutions have automated processes for the electronic submission of cases by police, processing of cases by prosecutors, distribution of discovery to defense attorneys and filing of those cases with courts. These solutions combined with our professional legal and engineering services provide a significant return on investment.

All our products are designed specifically with the goals of the justice system and its staff in mind. We work diligently to understand the needs and workflows of these offices. As such, the system creates seamless information sharing in real time to allow real-time access.


Since our office switched to MatrixProsecutor in 2010, we have seen a dramatic improvement in our ability to handle our ever increasing caseload. MatrixProsecutor’s advanced technology and integrated solutions help my office manage these cases more efficiently and effectively. Features such as the built-in charging language database, guided discovery response creation, integrated document management and assembly, and comprehensive statistical reporting have significantly improved office productivity. With MatrixProsecutor, my office is able to handle the increasing workload without hiring additional staff.
— Hon. David Phillips, Prosecuting Attorney for Union County, Ohio



Configurable, Integrated Solutions Designed Specifically for the Law: