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Welcome to Matrix. The operating system for law.

Matrix Pointe Software enables law enforcement agencies, prosecutors’ offices, defense attorneys, jails and the courts to be more efficient and productive. The Matrix suite of applications and web solutions, such as MatrixProsecutor™, MatrixDiscovery™, and MatrixCrime™, combined with professional services, such as process re-engineering and implementation support, automate smart workflow while connecting prosecutors, defense attorneys, law enforcement agencies, jails and the courts with the information they need to accelerate the legal process and reduce waste.

“I set a goal to reform the justice system in Cuyahoga County. As a result, we’ve cut the average time it takes to move a case through the process by over 60%. We’re also reducing jail stays, saving money and improving the efficiency of our staff. The integrated system developed by Matrix has enabled us to automate most of our internal processes and connect electronically to approximately 75 law enforcement agencies and 300 defense attorneys. Because of the Matrix system, we were able to meet my goals and accommodate the new Open Discovery requirements and deadlines.”

– Bill Mason, Cuyahoga County Prosecutor

Why Matrix

Improve staff efficiency and productivity.

Matrix automates the workflow of a county’s prosecutor’s office, from intake to indictment generation to final disposition.

Better load balancing.

With clear visibility into the case load of the overall office and the status of any case, case assignments can be made and managed more judiciously.

Secure connectivity to law enforcement, agencies, defense attorneys and courts.

Send and receive charge packages, evidence and case status quickly and easily to the right people at the right time. The system provides easy compliance with Open Discovery requirements as well.

Faster time-to-justice.

Automating the workflow and streamlining the process, cases can be disposed of more quickly and at a higher level of quality.

Lower costs.

Faster case disposition means shorter jail stays, greater efficiency means you can get more done with your current staff.
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