Matrix Pointe Software’s mission is to develop and implement solutions to improve the efficiency of its customers’ organizations, prosecuting attorneys, private attorneys, law enforcement agencies, and courts and jails through the delivery of innovative, integrated, cost effective, value-added software and services.

Founded in 2008, Matrix’s synergistic team of software engineers, attorneys, integration specialists, designers, technical writers and executives blends these varied specialties into one dynamic company offering the most advanced and innovative operating system for law.



I was skeptical to accept a comprehensive solution to case management which would include data collection from inside and outside sources, as well as data retention, file management and discovery dissemination. However, the Matrix Pointe Software has delivered on all fronts and more. The time savings in the office, from eliminating the search for paper files to instant access to case status, has increased the efficiency of all levels of the prosecutors’ staff, attorneys and support staff alike. Providing access through the portal for law enforcement agencies has allowed an increased line of communication with investigators. Repeatedly, we get compliments from the defense bar in the ease and accessibility of use of the discovery portal. Most importantly for an emerging software system is the interest of the manufacturer to see the system develop in the most effective way possible. The Matrix Pointe staff repeatedly show their dedication to this goal with regular notices, updates, personal and group discussions, and requests for feedback. This office has an open line of communication with Matrix Pointe staff which allows us to quickly take advantage of all the benefits of the package and allows us to provide our and other agencies considerations for improving the product. Overall, my experience with the Matrix Pointe Software has made me confident that this office has partnered with an exceptional vendor who makes an exceptional product.
— Hon. Paul A. Dobson, Prosecuting Attorney for Wood County, Ohio
I set a goal to reform the justice system in Cuyahoga County. As a result, we’ve cut the average time it takes to move a case through the process by over 60%. We’re also reducing jail stays, saving money and improving the efficiency of our staff. The integrated system developed by Matrix has enabled us to automate most of our internal processes and connect electronically to approximately 75 law enforcement agencies and 300 defense attorneys. Because of the Matrix system, we were able to meet my goals and accommodate the new open discovery requirements and deadlines.
— Bill Mason, Cuyahoga County Prosecutor (1999-2012)




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