Task Force, State Investigative Agencies, State Boards, Law Enforcement Investigative Units

+ Task Force

Members of a Task Force focus on joint investigations of drugs, human trafficking, money laundering and many other serious crimes. These investigators are expected to take an active role in disrupting a crime network, pursuing those conducting illegal activities and reaching their intended target. This type of advanced operation takes enormous investigative skill and coordination. MatrixInvestigator provides the investigative tools needed by these teams. Its web-based tools support easy information sharing across distributed geographic areas. MatrixInvestigator features support your complete investigative process and provide the organizational reporting you need for external support.

+ State Investigative Agencies

The specialized and multi-location efforts of State Investigative Agencies benefit from the flexibility and integration of MatrixInvestigator. Often these agencies are supporting county or other state agencies. Matrix not only provides the investigative tools needed by these agencies but it allows case-sharing between the other Matrix agencies these investigators support.

+ State Boards

Entrusted to promote service excellence in a variety of professions and to protect the public through licensure, education and enforcement of standards, state agencies utilize the features of MatrixInvestigator to efficiently facilitate quality assurance and policy compliance across their specific industry. Investigators can save time by instantly accessing, editing and entering party or licensee information, manage deadlines, and view/prioritize their day within the context of their investigations. MatrixInvestigator is also fully integrated with the new MatrixLicensor and MatrixInspector products to provide a complete solution.

+ Law Enforcement Investigative Units

Detective bureaus of law enforcement agencies benefit from the investigation tools provided by MatrixInvestigator. These agencies can also use MatrixInvestigator to electronically submit their case to Matrix prosecutors without leaving their system. MatrixInvestigator will also be integrated with MatrixPolice to offer a complete law enforcement solution. When you combine MatrixPolice, MatrixInvestigator, MatrixProsecutor and MatrixCourt, you have a complete end-to-end ecosystem of integrated justice management!