Connecting Government Departments
in Civil Matters

MatrixCivil is a completely web-based case management system designed to provide organization and efficiency for governmental legal departments. The system automates the key internal functions of the office, facilitates better case management and accelerates the disposition of matters. The MatrixCivil client portal makes communication between departments simple and efficient.


+ Optimize Inter-Office Collaboration

Make Writing Collaborated Drafts Easier
Writing, sharing and reviewing drafts is seamless with MatrixCivil. Clients can initiate service requests through a portal and then track deadlines, provide documents and answer questions. MatrixCivil's built-in version tracking safeguards against data loss and provides robust document iteration and management.

+ Improve Service Tracking

Ensure Proper Service Tracking
MatrixCivil easily records, tracks and stores service attempts and history.

+ Increase Security and Permissions Control

Gain more control over permissions and file access
Our portal securely stores files and gives you fine-grained control over authorization and data access.


+ Personalized Dashboard

  • When an attorney or staff member logs in for the day, he or she is presented with their own dashboard which sorts and filters their cases, their calendar and their tasks.
  • You can filter and work right from the dashboard or quickly open your case file.

+ Case Management

  • Everything you need about your matter is stored in your electronic case file. You can see a summary or study the details for one or more related cases. The contents include case data, parties, drafts, files, emails, notes and much more.
  • Our system tracks all the major matter events as well as assigned staff from intake through final disposition in a concise manner.

+ Parties

  • All the parties involved in a matter are centrally accessible and the system tracks extensive details on each party as the matter progresses.
  • Parties can be ordered and defined with their type and involvement.

+ Service Tracking

  • Easily record and track all service and service attempts on a matter.

+ Drafts

  • Matrix provides an integrated system for creating documents where you want a consistent format with integrated workflow.
  • Drafts can be created using our integrated web editor or Microsoft Word.

+ Files

  • Our system provides an integrated file management system. No need for an additional and expensive product.
  • File Explorer will store most file types and provides versioning and full text searching.
  • You can package and stamp your files for sharing with others.

+ Calendar, Notes, Task and Discussions

  • The system’s Calendar feature can be used to manage appointments related to a matter. It will even integrate with Microsoft Exchange to update your Outlook calendar.
  • Use the Notes feature to view and maintain all notes related to a matter.
  • The Task module allows you to assign work to yourself or to someone else.
  • You can have integrated discussions about a case, a task or separate from a matter.

+ Worklist

  • Designed to help attorneys and support staff manage their daily tasks and their caseloads, these lists can be filtered to display the desired matter information.

+ Reporting

  • Extensive reporting capabilities including many standard reports and forms.
  • Create custom queries with the simple to use Data Explorer.
  • Download your results to Microsoft Excel.
  • Our comprehensive search tool supports searching by people, case numbers, identifiers, phone numbers, and much more.
  • The Full Text Search capability will search documents attached to your case or information stored within your case.

+ Client Portal

  • A web-based government client portal that allows for electronic submission of requests for legal review or representation. This two-way interface allows your office to update your clients on case progress, submit draft documents for client review, and assign tasks and exchange notes with your clients.