The Matrix Mobile Experience

MatrixGo is an extension of the Matrix operating system. Combining the power of Matrix with the portability and hardware capabilities of modern mobile devices, MatrixGo allows you to take your office with you wherever you go.


+Gain Portability

Accomplish More While You're On the Go
MatrixGo affords an investigator or attorney the ability to capture case notes, create appointments and review relevant case information while away from the office.

+Review Your Case

Review What Matters
You have handy access to your case at a glance. See information on case parties, files, calendar appointments and tasks. Touch a number to make a call or use speech recognition to dictate a note.

+Stay Organized

Conveniently Gather Case Information
Record interviews and capture photos with your mobile device and instantly send them to Matrix, where they will be attached to the appropriate case.

+No Internet? No Problem!

Record and Store Information without an Internet Connection
Even without an internet connection, MatrixGo allows you to input case notes that will seamlessly sync with MatrixProsecutor or MatrixInvestigator when a connection becomes available.


+ Case Review

  • See a list of your assigned cases. Review case information, parties, calendar appointments and tasks. You can open and review your case files -- even stream audio and video.

+ File uploader

  • Quickly upload many types of files (documents, photos and multimedia) and attach them seamlessly to your case while in court, in the field or attending a meeting.

+ Calendar, Notes and Tasks

  • Compose and attach notes, schedule calendar appointments and create tasks while working remotely.

A Secure Portal for Sharing Information

MatrixExchange is a platform designed to connect your office to the entire justice system. The system provides a secure medium for electronic information and document exchange among the prosecutor’s office and defense attorneys, expert witnesses, probation departments and law enforcement agencies. If you choose to participate, our data repository and search engine will allow you to share information with other law enforcement agencies.

Some of these features will be coming soon…


+ Improve Communication

Improve Inter-office Connectivity with Seamless Communication
With MatrixExchange, your office can expedite information and file sharing, keeping you connected with all involved parties, including those not using Matrix products.

+ Streamline Discovery

Optimize File Transfer for More Efficient Discovery
With every interaction electronically recorded, you'll never lose a file. Matrix generates reports to confirm item delivery and facilitates the process of demanding, responding to, and tracking discovery.

+ Support Investigations

Find Other Prosecutions or Investigations
Improve your investigative ability with our data warehouse. Search for parties and set a notification alert to be proactively informed when an agency has registered one of your parties.


+ MatrixExchange: Crime (MatrixCrime)

  • Law enforcement agencies require both timely access to accurate information and the ability to efficiently deliver it to prosecutors. MatrixExchange: Crime provides officers the pertinent information they need and the ability to easily assemble and upload charge packages to their prosecutors.

+ MatrixExchange: Discovery

  • MatrixExchange: Discovery provides secure electronic document delivery and receipt tracking. It allows defense attorneys to make an electronic discovery demand, receive email notifications when a prosecutor has responded and access all documents sent from MatrixProsecutor.

+ MatrixExchange: Search Engine

  • You can opt into our MatrixExchange data warehouse. This warehouse aggregates key criminal cases and party information from all participating prosecutor offices. It also provides an interactive search engine that allows you to create notification alerts for when one of your persons of interest "hits" the system.