Streamlining Case Management
So You Can Spend Time on What Counts

Case management systems within the prosecutor environment are either totally non-existent or based on antiquated, poorly integrated technologies.

MatrixProsecutor is a web-based, comprehensive prosecutor case management system. It provides prosecutors with a single solution that meets all case and workflow requirements from case intake through appeal.

The system automates the key functions of the prosecutor’s office enabling prosecuting attorneys and support staff to be more effective and efficient. MatrixProsecutor provides meaningful integration across the entire justice system increasing productivity, decreasing operating cost and accelerating the timely disposition of justice.


+ Optimize Productivity

Save Time and Resources with Faster Time to Justice
Stop wasting precious office hours on repetitive, manual data entry by automating case management and daily tasks with Matrix. Timelier case dispositions mean shorter jail stays, so you can accomplish more with existing resources.

+ Enjoy Web-Based Convenience

Access Case Information from Anywhere at Anytime
Gone are the days of waiting your turn to review a physical paper case file! MatrixProsecutor stores all case information in a secure web-based system, allowing you to access the case files from anywhere, anytime, even when a colleague is simultaneously working on the same case.

+ Improve Office Connectivity

Keep Everyone Connected with Automated Workflow
MatrixProsecutor automatically triggers the next step in a process as soon the previous task is completed, so you never waste time wondering which tasks and assignments come next. .

+ Draft Charges Faster

Generate Charging Instruments in a Fraction of the Time
Charging language based on the relevant legal code is stored in the MatrixProsecutor system and can be accessed and inserted into charging instruments on demand, saving time and eliminating error. .

+ Make Better Management Decisions

Monitor Your Office Workload as a Whole
MatrixProsecutor makes it easier for managers to manage. Our system provides managers real-time visibility into case status, office workload and productivity along with key reports concerning case outcomes and criminal trends in the chosen community.



+ Personalized Dashboard

  • When attorneys or staff members log in for the day, they are presented with a personal dashboard that sorts and filters their cases, calendar and tasks.
  • Users can filter and work right from the dashboard or quickly open a case file.

+ Case Management

  • Everything you need about your prosecution matter is stored in your electronic case file. You can see a summary or study the details for one or more related cases. The contents include incidents, parties, locations, reports, evidence, charging, discovery, files, notes and much more.
  • Our system tracks all the major case events as well as assigned staff from case intake through final disposition in a concise, prosecutor-oriented manner.
  • Case review allows you to create case review appointments and add multiple cases to the appointment to ensure continuous tracking of cases throughout case life.
  • Billing allows an office to create and track invoices for forfeiture, restitution and other office-defined purposes such as bond forfeiture or diversion restitution.

+ Parties & Locations

  • MatrixProsecutor stores all the parties involved in a matter in a centrally accessible location. The system effectively tracks extensive details on each party as the case progresses.
  • Users can order and define parties with custom types and case involvement.
  • MatrixProsecutor auto-creates all locations that are a part of a matter and also allows creation of custom locations.

+ Reports (Investigative, Memos, Etc.)

  • MatrixProsecutor provides an integrated system for creating Investigative Reports, Case Memos or documents and delivers a consistent format with integrated workflow.
  • Users can create and generate reports using our integrated web editor or Microsoft Word.

+ Evidence Management

  • Full-featured evidence tracking supports all types of evidence details at the Matter level.
  • Office Evidence Management module tracks evidence intake, storage, release and disposition together with automated chain of custody and bar coding.

+ Charging

  • A charging instrument creation tool allows an attorney to completely create, revise and prepare an instrument for signing.
  • A database of up-to-date charging language for all relevant State and Federal statutes that can be used to generate a charging instrument.

+ Discovery

  • Matrix provides a complete electronic discovery process. This module includes reviewing and redacting documents, assembling documents into a package and delivering the package to a defense attorney via the secure MatrixExchange portal.
  • MatrixExchange for Discovery is provided to defense attorneys working with the prosecutor’s office and includes simple registration using the integrated address book.

+ Files

  • Our system provides an integrated file management system. No need for an additional and expensive product.
  • File Explorer will store most file types and provides versioning, redaction, and full text searching.
  • MatrixProsecutor includes features to pack and stamp files for sharing with others.

+ Calendar, Notes, To Do and Discussions

  • The system’s Calendar feature can be used to manage appointments related to a Matter and its cases. Calendar will even integrate with Microsoft Exchange to update your Outlook calendar.
  • Notes feature provides ability to view and maintain all notes related to a matter including a phone log and party notes.
  • The To Do module allows users to assign work to themselves or to a colleague, create checklists and/or auto-generate tasks.
  • Users can participate in integrated discussions about a case, a task or a topic separate from a matter.

+ Grand Jury Docket Management

  • Track cases ready for Grand Jury presentation including docket creation and case scheduling, witness notification, subpoena management and recoding of voting results.

+ Worklist

  • Worklist helps attorneys and support staff manage their daily tasks and caseloads and can be filtered to display the desired case information.

+ Reporting

  • Extensive reporting capabilities include over 100 standard reports and forms.
  • Creation of precise custom queries with the intuitive and powerful Data Explorer.
  • Download your results to Microsoft Excel.
  • Our comprehensive search tool supports searching by people, case numbers, identifiers, phone numbers, and many other fields.
  • The Full Text Search capability quickly locates documents attached to your case or textual information stored within your case.

+ MatrixCRIME

  • Law enforcement agencies require both timely access to accurate information and a tool to effectively communicate with prosecutors. The seamless integration between MatrixCRIME and MatrixProsecutor affords officers the relevant case information and the features to easily assemble and upload charge packages to the prosecutor's office.