County Prosecutors, District Attorneys, Solicitors, Municipal Prosecutors

+ County Prosecutors and District Attorneys

As leaders in the justice system, county prosecutors and district attorneys play a critical role in public safety. In exercising their duties they need reliable, robust tools, and MatrixProsecutor leads the industry as the standout case management tool. MatrixProsecutor facilitates adult and juvenile prosecutions, storing all case data in one secure, accessible location. MatrixProsecutor also seamlessly integrates with MatrixCrime, allowing a prosecutor to receive cases from law enforcement agencies in an automated format without duplicate data entry. Our software also facilitates sending discovery to defense attorneys electronically, with a clear audit trail.

+ Municipal Prosecutors

A municipal prosecutor exercises considerable influence over the public's assessment of the justice system's efficacy. Using MatrixProsecutor, a municipal prosecutor can skillfully manage the spectrum of municipal cases, including traffic and ordinance violations, small claims, domestic relations matters, misdemeanor offenses and initial proceedings in felony cases. Along with MatrixCrime, MatrixProsecutor makes it possible to expeditiously manage the considerable volume of quick turnaround cases typically processed in a city. Because MatrixProsecutor scales well, cities and counties both large and small benefit from the multitude of intuitive features and efficiencies built into MatrixProsecutor.

+ Multiple District Prosecutors and Solicitors

With responsibilities spanning a vast geographical area, a prosecutor’s office that manages cases from multiple districts or counties needs to be organized, prepared and systematic. Designed with flexibility and customization in mind, MatrixProsecutor supports multiple jurisdictions and provides the appropriate pleading tailored to each. Using the manifest advantages of the multi-jurisdiction and multi-office support of our MatrixExchange Discovery portal, prosecutorial teams enjoy a seamless and efficient workflow that leads to significantly enhanced productivity.

+ Joint Prosecution and Investigation Organizations

Always innovating, Matrix has integrated its investigation system with its prosecution system. MatrixProsecutor integrates with MatrixInvestigator to support an investigation and prosecution within the same matter file. This express advantage of our system allows prosecutors and investigators to work together efficiently while easily sharing case information.