Attorneys General, Public Safety, Consumer Protection, Crime Victim Services

+ Attorney General Investigative Units

The investigative units of AG offices often support other agencies or have primary jurisdiction on state crimes. These units benefit from the extensive tools provided by MatrixInvestigator. AG Investigators can use Matrix to create and manage their investigation and then package a case to send for prosecution.

+ Attorney General Prosecution Units

The prosecution units of AG offices can provide specialized services to county prosecutors. They assist with cases or manage the entire case. These prosecutors also manage cases coming from AG investigation units. MatrixProsecutor supports these unique needs through its extensive case management features. It supports the multiple jurisdictions these cases require and provides easy exchange of information with justice partners.

+ Medicaid and Worker's Compensation Fraud

Whether part of an AG office or other state agency, MatrixInvestigator combined with MatrixProsecutor is uniquely positioned to provide the complete set of tools these units require to investigate and prosecute crimes. Additionally, Matrix provides the Annual Statistical and Consolidated Worksheet federal reporting required by these special investigations.

+ Consumer Protection

If a case involves consumer fraud, economic crimes, licensing, gambling regulation, the emerging marijuana management or business oversight, many agencies have the responsibility to uphold the laws of the state and to ensure that its citizens are sufficiently protected. MatrixInvestigator, MatrixProsecutor and the new MatrixLicensor and MatrixInspector provide a comprehensive set of tools to meet your needs. These systems can be combined to provide you with the specific features you need to meet your challenges more efficiently.

+ Crime Victim Services

Citizens who are victims of violent crimes may receive compensation from a state agency that provides these services. Slated for imminent release, MatrixAdvocate accommodates this need. Using the same platform as our other Matrix products, MatrixAdvocate for victim compensation provides a fully dedicated and integrated system for processing claims from crime victims. The system supports economic and field investigation, future economic loss calculations, findings of fact, payment management and federal reporting. This unique solution eliminates the need for spreadsheets, ad hoc databases and other ineffective, unintegrated tools often used to provide these services.