Built to Help You Run Seamless, More Efficient Investigations

MatrixInvestigator is a totally web-based case management system designed specifically for investigators. The system strategically arranges all tools an investigator needs in one, well-organized place. Using features such as reports, documents, workflows and data fields, your complete investigation is created, stored and accessed in one secure place giving you complete control and better organization.


+ Write Reports Faster

Write Better Investigative Reports in a Fraction of the Time
Our system organizes data upon entry so error-free investigative reports can be created quickly with all the right information in a professional, standardized format.

+ Track Evidence More Precisely

Gain More Control and Better Tracking of Evidence Transfer
Ensure dual verification and automatically store chain of custody information with our built-in evidence tracking module.

+ Increase Investigation Efficiency

Optimize Productivity with Automated Workflow
MatrixInvestigator automatically triggers the next step in a process as soon as one is completed, so you never waste time wondering what comes next or who needs to do it.

+ Automate Annual Reporting

Make Annual Reporting Quick and Effortless
With MatrixInvestigator, statistical reporting can be done in seconds, saving time for support staff and management.



+ Personalized Dashboard

  • When an investigator or staff member logs in for the day, he or she is presented with a personal dashboard that sorts and filters the individual's cases, calendar and tasks.
  • You can filter and work right from the dashboard or quickly open your case file.

+ Case Management

  • All items pertinent to your investigative matter are stored in your electronic case file. You can see a summary or study the details for one or more related cases. The contents include incidents, parties, locations, reports, evidence, charging, files, notes and much more.
  • Our system tracks all the major case events as well as assigned staff from case intake through final disposition in a concise, investigator-oriented manner.
  • Case review allows you to create case review appointments and add multiple cases to the appointment to ensure continuous tracking of cases throughout their life.

+ Parties & Locations

  • All the parties involved in a matter are centrally accessible and the system tracks extensive details on each party as the case progresses.
  • Parties can be ordered and defined with their type and case involvement.
  • All locations comprising your matter are created for you and new locations can be added.

+ Reports (Investigative, Memos, Etc.)

  • Matrix provides an integrated system for creating Investigative Reports, Case Memos, or any document where you want a consistent format with integrated workflow.
  • Reports can be created using our integrated web editor or Microsoft Word.

+ Evidence Management

  • Full-featured evidence tracking supports all types of evidence details at the Matter level.
  • This feature also includes an Office Evidence Management module to track evidence intake, storage, release and disposition together with automated chain of custody and bar coding.

+ Charging

  • An integrated tool allows an investigator to completely create, revise and prepare documents to request and track charges.
  • A database of up-to-date charging language for all relevant State and Federal statutes that can be used to generate charging documents.

+ Files

  • Our system provides an integrated file management system. No need for an additional and expensive product.
  • File Explorer will store most file types and provides versioning, redaction, and full text searching.
  • You can package and stamp your files for sharing with others.

+ Calendar, Notes, To Do and Discussions

  • The system’s Calendar feature can be used to manage appointments related to a Matter and its cases. It will even integrate with Microsoft Exchange to update your Outlook calendar.
  • Use the Notes feature to view and maintain all notes related to a matter including a phone log or party notes.
  • The To Do module allows you to assign work to yourself or to someone else. You can create check lists and or auto generate tasks.
  • Conduct integrated discussions about a case, a task or topic separate from a matter.

+ Worklist

  • Designed to help investigators and support staff manage daily tasks and caseloads, these lists can be filtered to display the desired case information.

+ Reporting

  • Extensive reporting capabilities including over 100 standard reports and forms.
  • Create custom queries with the highly intuitive Data Explorer.
  • Download your results to Microsoft Excel.
  • Our comprehensive search tool supports searching by people, case numbers, identifiers, phone numbers, and much more.
  • The Full Text Search capability will search documents attached to your case or information stored within your case.